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The PetsitUSA Blog

    The PetsitUSA Blog

    Send your pet a happy picture

    Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:00 AM PDT

    I learned something very special from my mother several years ago. And that was to not only talk, sing and play with our pets, but to also send our pets positive energy and mental pictures. If you are a pet owner, you know how sensitive pets are to our emotions; they are very much in touch with how we are feeling. I know when I’ve had a rough day, my cat will immediately jump on my lap and cuddle. When my brother died, my dog, Lucy knew something was wrong. She doesn’t sleep in my bed with me, but during that time, she knew it would be okay. She’d jump up next to me and huddle close. Her warmth made me feel a little better.

    Because our pets are so in tune with what we’re feeling, it’s important to sit down with them before you even pull out your suitcase before leaving on a trip. Set aside some time to cuddle with your pets, play, give them a treat, and tell them about your trip and that you will be back soon. Then take out the suitcase (and give more cuddles and treats once it’s out). You want your pets to associate the suitcase coming out as something fun for them. On the day you are to leave – right before you go out the door, sit down with your pets and tell them you’ll be back. Visualize their pet sitter coming in to feed and play with them. Visualize the pet sitter visits as very happy and fun times for your pet. Then be sure to send them a mental picture of yourself coming home, walking through the door, and showering them with love and affection.

    Sending your pets these mental pictures will help them know you will be home soon. Giving them some treats helps, too. They will serve as a good distraction as you’re walking out the door. Remember to stay cheery even though you know you’re going to miss your pets. They will pick up on your emotions, and if you’re feeling sad about leaving them they’ll also feel sad. If you’re cheerful, they’ll handle your departure much better. That mental picture of you coming back through the door to greet your pets after you’ve been gone is good for you to imagine, too!