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KHALeD Alenezi

    KHALeD Alenezi

    The Sweet Hereafter - 1997

    Posted: 21 Mar 2012 11:38 PM PDT

    Directed by Atom EgoyanA small community is torn apart by a tragic accident which kills most of the town's children. A lawyer visits the victims' parents in order to profit from the tragedy by stirring up the their anger and launching a class action suit against anyone they can blame. The community is paralyzed by its anger and cannot let go. All but one young girl, left in a wheelchair

    The Good Girl - 2002

    Posted: 21 Mar 2012 11:29 PM PDT

    Directed by Miguel Arteta A discount store clerk strikes up an affair with a stock boy who considers himself the incarnation of Holden Caulfield (plot), After i watch two films for dir Miguel Arteta ( Youth in Revolt - 2009 & Cedar Rapids - 2011 ) I decided to complete his work and watch another film to him, but unfortunately I expect more dramatic treatment or add more comedy scenes like what