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Frankly My Dear...

    Frankly My Dear...

    Weekend movies — bad reviews for Breaking Dawn, Happy Feet Two

    Posted: 18 Nov 2011 03:59 AM PST

    What a run it’s been for Warner Brothers. Sure, there was “Harry Potter’s” wrap-up, which covered their bottom line for the year, pretty much.

    But “Sucker Punch,” Red Riding Hood,” “Arthur,” “Green Lantern” and now “Happy Feet Number Two” have not done them a lot of good. There are other titles they released that I have forgotten, which is kind of the way their year has been.

    Weak to bad reviews for “Happy Feet,” a cynical, half-hearted sequel in search of a story, a novelty, laughs, etc.  Cnsidering how much critics loved the original, that’s quite a comedown.

    “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″ is not gathering bouquets, either. The gender breakdown of reviews seems to be that women are cutting it more slack than the guys. Fair enough. I thought “Dreamgirls” director Bill Condon treated it as camp, which it probably is.

    Orlando also gets the weakest Almodovar movie in decades, “The Skin I Live In.” A bit of a cringe, really.

    And the lovely, young but all grown up romance “Like Crazy” may be a little chilly, but it’s very real and quite romantic, too. Nice work by Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin as two lovers trying to make the long-distance romance thing work.

    Enzian’s Brouhaha short film showdown is this weekend

    Posted: 18 Nov 2011 03:50 AM PST

    Enzian’s Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase turns 20 this year, two days of the best short films shot in Florida over the past year, in competition, their filmmakers’ hoping for bigger and better things.

    If you’ve never been, it’s usually a good time — moviemakers in the audience, hooting and howling their approval of their own and their peers’ work, short film fans looking to be the first to see a short that launches a career.

    Film school kids, local part time filmmakers, veterans of the biz, and every winner from the monthly Film Slams at the Enzian will be shown and judged.

    And I’m one of the judges this year. Drop in from 11-3 both Sat. and Sunday, root for your favorites, stop by the Eden Bar where I am sure to be fortifying myself between screenings.