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    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Top 9 Fascinating Sci-Fi Movie Guns

    Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:08 PM PDT

    Sci-fi guns will always remain the fascinating childhood attractions for every kid, and they continue to remain the same even within the mind of a growing person.

    The credit for the increasing popularity of the sci-fi guns actually goes to the sci-fi movies, where we first see such guns. The firepower of the guns shown in the sci-fi movie is what actually fascinated the children as well as the growing adults. The super powerful fire of a sci-fi movie gun can deteriorate any kind of bad character or villains.

    Such scenes in the sci-fi movie leave an impression on the kid’s mind and they then need one for themselves. As soon as any sci-fi movie is released the replicas of the guns used in the movie is also released. Both the guns and the movies play a major role in publicizing and promoting each other.

    Here we have created an inventory of the top 10 sci-fi movie guns that have fascinated the mind of kids and adults alike over the decades.

    9. Star Wars – Han Solo DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

    There is nothing in this out-of-the-world gun that cannot be loved. The design is based upon the German Mauser and gives an impression of something that even being small is effective.

    8. Robocop – Auto-9

    This gun, owned by the supercop has been replicated extensively as a toy and also as an Airsoft. Even though Robocop has several other weapons with him, but Auto-9 is the leading weapon he uses to deliver justice. It is also one of the most sophisticated looking of all the weapons.

    7. Judge Dredd – Lawgiver

    This is the gun owned by one of the most brutal, but yet coolest sci-fi characters. An equally cruel firearm, this gun accompanies Judge Dredd through his night expeditions when he is busy unleashing his punishments. The gun fires different types of rounds – explosive shells, incendiary rounds and ricochet bullets and much more.

    6. The Fifth Element – Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon

    The Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon is used by the deceitful Jean Baptiste Zorg in The Fifth Element. This weapon is capable of delivering different lethal shots that can kill, wound or even cause the discharge of bowel contents from the victim. A unique feature in the gun is the “replay” feature, where the fired round can trace the previous target even when facing in another direction.

    5. Hellboy – Samaritan

    This is perhaps the holiest of all the weapons. It is said to be made from church bells, while the handle is made using wood from the crucifix. Hellboy is regularly found pounding the bad ones with the different types of ammunitions such as garlic shavings and holy water shells.

    4. Men In Black – The Noisy Cricket

    The Noisy Cricket is simply among the funniest weapons to be found ever in sci-fi movies. The scene cannot be forgotten when Agent J has his smile flying away when he fired this tiny gun, almost losing his arm and body. This gun looks something like a handheld metal syringe, but it delivers the lethal power of a C4 block.

    3. Ghostbusters – Proton Pack

    The Proton Pack is made by the celebrated Dr. Egon Spengler. This weapon fires particle beams that can bring down the unnatural entities.

    2. Star Wars – Jawa Blaster

    The Jawa Blaster is made from a British Enfield rifle, having a grenade launcher fixed crudely to its barrel. The crude looks of the gun clearly reflect the typical scavenging nature of the Jawa, giving a kind of history and depth to their character.

    1. Aliens – M41A Pulse Rifle

    An iconic weapon on the screen, the M41A Pulse Rifle is simply the most popular weapon in sci-fi movies. It can deliver 99 shots of 10mm rounds that can pierce armor, making it the most lethal of all the double-handed weapons used in movies.

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    5 Worst Superhero Movies Wish Never Been Made

    Posted: 02 Nov 2011 06:03 PM PDT

    What is a Superhero? Is it a man or a fictional character? Does it always come from any comic book? How is it possible for a man to fly? All these questions are reasonable but if you actually want to enjoy a superhero movie you need to skip such questions from your mind.

    The superhero movies are usually by most of the kids as they don't have such questions in their minds while watching one. They just enjoy the power and strength of the superheroes. They are least bothered, that the superhero in the movie is a good guy or a bad one.

    Superhero movie is all about fulfilling the fantasy of a child; however not all the superhero movies are the best. Some of such movies are actually pathetic and worst to watch.

    If taken technically, there are many things to be considered when superhero movies are to be made. The production house has to give a green light, the copyrights have to be checked, a good script has to be developed and the final product should be able to cater to a wider market. However, not all superhero movies are able to do as well as others.

    Here is a list of the top 5 superhero movies that should never have been made:

    5. Thor

    Thor was poised to be the most royal characters as per Marvel, but there was no response to this movie that could be called awesome. As per some analysts, Thor received the smallest opening for any Marvel movie post release of Daredevil and Spider Man.

    There were many wrong things in Thor, with the screenplay being scattered here and there. The direction was just something normal. And, what is to be the characteristic of a superhero movie, Thor lacked enough amount of action.

    4. Green Hornet

    From the moment Green Hornet received the green light, it was clear that something was wrong with this superhero movie. There is no doubt that Seth Rogen is respected for his scripts, but the Green Hornet was a different thing. Green Hornet was a superhero from the 60s and 70s and creating him again in the form of Seth Rogen was something of a horrible idea.

    3. Daredevil/Elecktra

    Daredevil was released way back in 2003, and Elecktra dies in the movie within the first fifteen minutes. Daredevil then takes it to himself to find her killers. The move had some great reviews, but it was the spin-off of the movie, Elecktra that made it all wrong. After she is killed, Elecktra gets revived at the hands of a blind martial arts expert.

    The movie proved to be a total failure. While the critics ignored it, it was hated by the audience and emerged on the list of the worst movies of the year 2005.

    2. Your Pet Hate

    When it is about superhero movies, everyone have their pet hates. While some people hate Superman Returns, others hate Spider Man 3. While Superman Returns is hated for the type of ice-cream that it was turned into by Bryan Singer, Spider Man 3 is said to have lots of characters. Some people also hate the Fantastic Four or Captain America for other reasons.

    1. Batman and Robin

    Batman and Robin is the one movie that made a producer close the door to every director, scriptwriter or fanboy who sought to make some superhero movie. This movie had some big names – George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris O'Donnell. The movie was a failure at different levels. It was a toyistic movie, where the attention was more on the placement of the product rather than on the script. After this movie, it became impossible for anyone to get a green light for a superhero movie, until it was Marvel that came up with its Spider Man series that gave a reboot to the character.

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