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KHALeD Alenezi

    KHALeD Alenezi

    Colombiana - 2011

    Posted: 14 Oct 2011 07:33 PM PDT

    Directed by Olivier Megaton A young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin (plot), again i saw this film because i love Zoe Saldana, so in this film again nothing new just a revenge film without good story or new action scenes, Zoe present a great act and worth to every one to watch this, i hope in the future she will chose a

    Your Highness - 2011

    Posted: 14 Oct 2011 07:24 PM PDT

    Directed by David Gordon Green When Prince Fabious's bride is kidnapped, he goes on a quest to rescue her... accompanied by his lazy useless brother Thadeous (plot), I saw this film just because my favorite actress Natalie Portman, nothing new here, but still fine adventure comedy, if you have a Lost time watch this.3/5