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Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    ForeverGeek Forum for the Film Geek

    Posted: 13 Oct 2011 04:45 PM PDT

    Film geeks are a special breed. They're a bunch of people who straddle that line between art snobiness and hipster snarkiness. They're extremely passionate about the movies they watch and can dissect a film into its integral parts – practically reverse engineering them. One of the most entertaining things on the web is to see a bunch of film geeks talk about a movie. It's part entertainment, part scholarly debate and all fun. If you're looking to see how fun a film discussion can get then head on out to ForeverGeek and its new forum.

    ForeverGeek, the go to place for all things geeky on the internet, has recently opened the ForeverGeek forum. ForeverGeek is a wonderful site filled with geek-related news and info and the new forum is a natural extension of a site that has thrived on geek appeal. The ForeverGeek forum will be filled chockfull with new discussions on various movies and films. Film geeks will be able to discuss films and even actors with other people with the same interest, which will make for a fun discourse on topics that are interesting, fun and sometimes irreverent.

    Of course, the ForeverGeek forum is not just limited to film talk. Other topics and subjects that are of interest to geeks with different interests also have dedicated sections in the ForeverGeek forum, like gaming, gadgets, anime and even a general section where any kind of random geek questions or topics can fit in. This is the new home for the geek.