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    Lydia is fighting her biggest cancer battle ever

    Posted: 22 Apr 2012 06:55 PM PDT

    LydiaA couple weeks ago I wrote about a possible problem that the vets saw on Lydia’s ultrasound (here’s that post). As it turns out, the news isn’t good. A CT scan confirmed that Lydia’s cancer has metastasized to a lymph node, and is in a place that’s virtually inoperable.

    Since the tumor can’t be surgically removed without serious risk, I’m opting for radiation. That will likely be followed by chemotherapy. I was given two options for the radiation, with one being more aggressive than the other. At this point, I’m planning to go with the less aggressive one, which should slow the growth and hopefully give her another 6 months. The more aggressive radiation may keep the cancer at bay for a year, but it also has more potential for serious side effects. I don’t know how much time she has, and I certainly don’t want to throw too much at her and ruin what quality time she may have left. So, while part of me wants to get super aggressive, it just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.

    Lydia’s cancer has been in the lymph nodes since she was first diagnosed nearly four years ago, so it’s obviously been slow growing. If that continues, and if the radiation destroys this tumor, it’s possible she could be around longer than expected. I know that’s a lot of IFs but it’s possible. As it is, she’s outlived any expectations anybody has had. I’m hoping that trend keeps going and this turns out to be just another bump (a very big bump) in the road.

    We’ll be on our way to Purdue University Vet School in the morning for the start of five days of radiation. I’m pretty nervous about it, but we have some very good vets taking care of her. And, since I know this will be a tough week for Archie too, I’m glad I have someone staying here with us so he won’t be alone.

    The good news is that Lydia doesn’t seem to know she’s sick. She’s still my beautiful, happy dog who makes me smile. Just today we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. She was running after her toys and having a great time. It tears me up to know that she may not be able to do that much longer.

    I hope she can win this battle.

    Please keep Lydia in your thoughts. She could use them!