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Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Tips on How To Start a Film Review Site

    Posted: 05 Apr 2012 03:51 AM PDT

    So you're a film geek. You love watching movies, and you have really strong opinions about the films you've seen. Now you want to have a platform from which to spread the gospel that is film appreciation. Then it's time for you to set up a film review site.

    You might be intimidated about the idea of setting up a website but it's really easy. Here are some things you should need to know so you'll know how to start a website – your film review site.

    Before you even start your film review website, you have to take a very important step – study, study, study. A film review site will rise and fall based on the content more than any other type of website — and that content will come from you as a film reviewer. Make your opinion and views on the films you've seen really count by immersing yourself in film history. Enrich your views on film by watching classics and films that are widely considered as cinematic greats. Film appreciation is a continuing education so never stop watching movies.

    When you're ready to start writing your film reviews and articles, you can now take the next step, which is setting up your film review site. Think of a cool domain name that you can use for your site. Make a short list of interesting site names and find out about its availability. You can use a web hosting service like Godaddy that offers different services that you will need when setting up a website. For example, you can search for the availability of your chosen domain names at their website. You can also contact them to host your website for you.

    After you've set up your website, you should populate it with content. While you're preparing your site you should already start writing about the films you've seen. Set up five to ten articles that you can upload when your site goes live. That way, your visitors can already read more than one article when they visit. Make sure to add to the content with regular articles that you publish preferably on the same day every week. This makes your visitors come back regularly because they know when to expect new content.

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