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    Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs photo book by Melissa McDaniel

    Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:46 PM PDT

    Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs: 82 Dogs the Media Doesn't Want You to MeetPhotographer Melissa McDaniel has a series of photo books featuring particular groups of dogs. Her latest is Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs: 82 Dogs the Media Doesn’t Want You to Meet.  Like her other photo books, the dogs and the photography are stunning. And considering so many of the dogs in this book are smiling, it’s hard not to smile back at them. The book has a serious message though. It is dedicated to a group of dogs that are discriminated against because of their breed and/or the way they look.

    Here’s what Melissa says about this book,

    The main idea with the book is that these dogs need to be treated as individuals. The general public applies the name “pit bull” to any dog with a certain look, and along with the name comes breed-specific stereotypes. But these myths about pit bulls (which a rescue would label as one of 3 different breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier) are not true. The tragedy of the public believing all of these myths is that these dogs are languishing in shelters across the U.S. because people are too afraid to adopt them. They are banned from certain towns, dog facilities, apartment buildings, and are among the first to be euthanized in shelters.

    There are 82 stars in this book, including 10 Vick dogs, Oogy (from the New York Times best-selling book by the same name), Wallace the Pit Bull (the king of canine disc), Sarge the Elderbull, and plenty of other dogs that may not be famous but are seriously loved by their people. These dogs all live pretty good lives now, but many of them have been through a lot. In addition to being abused at the hand of Vick and his cohorts, the stories you’ll read include abuse, spending time on euthanasia lists, dog fighting, being bounced from person to person, and other things no dog should have to live through. For every dog in this book though, there are many others who are still in very bad situations. These are the lucky ones because they’ve either been adopted or are in the hands of someone who is dedicated to finding them a loving, forever home. And if you were to ask any one of the owners of these dogs, you’d hear stories of how absolutely wonderful they are – just like you’d hear from any other dog lover.

    If you’d like to buy a copy of Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs: 82 Dogs the Media Doesn’t Want You to Meet you can do so here. A portion of the book proceeds are donated to animal rescue groups, with an emphasis on pit bull rescue & advocacy groups.

    Collage of dogs rescued from Michael Vick

    Melissa also has a collage of 4 of the dogs saved by BADRAP. 25% from the sale of any of the Vick collage prints to one of 3 rescues (the purchaser gets to choose from a drop-down menu which of the 3 rescues when they buy).  The rescues are BADRAP, Best Friends and Dogs Deserve Better (which took over the Vick property). Click here to buy the collage.