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    The PetsitUSA Blog

    Therese to talk about matters of the heart on Talk2theAnimalsRadio

    Posted: 13 Feb 2012 09:43 AM PST

    Janet Roper, animal communicator, is host of Talk2theAnimals radio showI have two of the best Valentine’s sweethearts anyone could ask for; my dogs Archie and Lydia. They’re certainly the loves of my life, and I do what I can to keep them happy and healthy. And tomorrow evening I get the chance to talk about both of them, and your pets as well!

    Please join me tomorrow evening, February 14, when I’ll be on the Talk2TheAnimalsRadio, with Janet Roper. In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re going to be talking about keeping your pet’s heart (and yours!) healthy. Since we all love our pets, this is the perfect time to start some new, healthy habits that can be fun, bonding, and healthy ways to spend time with your best friend.

    The show will be on Talk2theAnimalsRadio at 8pm CST, Tuesday, February 14.

    Janet will also be talking with Sid Korpi, author of the book, Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss (read my review here). After surviving a “tsunami of loss” Sid wrote her book to let others in on the spiritual truths and strength she discovered along the way, which helped her heal. Her goal is to let others know it’s not only OK to grieve, but can be done in a healthy manner.

    Shannon Benecke is also scheduled for tomorrow’s show. She will be sharing a holistic tip from the heart on pet wellness for your beloved companion.

    Janet is an animal communicator, and host of the Talk2theAnimalsRadio show. She helps pets and their people deepen their relationships through individual consultations and ‘No-Pet’ Pet parties. Visit her website, Talk2theAnimals, or the Talk2theAnimalsRadio Facebook page.