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    Lily Collins leaves Evil Dead Remake

    Posted: 26 Jan 2012 07:36 AM PST

    The current Evil Dead remake project has hit a snag. Star Lily Collins has reportedly dropped out of the movie.

    The actress' camp is citing scheduling conflicts as the main reason for her decision to let go of the project. This is a big blow to the remake of the Sam Raimi-directed horror classic. The remake also has Raimi behind it so it's also a sought after project in Hollywood because of its pedigree.

    No one has been talking about what exactly the scheduling conflict really is. But many think that the conflict may be with Collins' promotion work for Mirror Mirror, one of the Snow White movies coming out. Another project Collins is involved in is the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, which will be directed by Scott Stewart.

    Raimi will have to go back and look for a replacement for Collins. For the remake, Raimi won't be sitting on the director's chair, he’ll be donning the producer’s hat instead. Fede Alvarez has been chosen to direct the Evil Dead remake. According to the production schedule, filming should begin by March so that it will be ready in time for an April 2013 domestic release.  The script was co written by Alvarez with Rodo Sayagues with a little help from the renowned Diablo Cody.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering why Lily Collins is in the film, rumors are the new remake will feature a femal lead. Yes, a female lead — think Ash with PMS.