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    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    5 Movies sure to Blow Up in 2012

    Posted: 02 Jan 2012 04:05 AM PST

    Movies rock. Especially huge, block-busting, highly anticipated films. 2012 will have no shortage of these types of releases. If the movie industry has been down at all in the past few years, there is a good chance 2012 will help to bring it right back. There will be many, many movies released that will be looked forward to with great anticipation. Here are 5 that we're sure will break the bank.

    The Dark Knight Rises

    This is the first no-brainer on our list. The Dark Knight grossed over 530 million dollars domestically, and was critically acclaimed to boot. Having the soon-to-be-dead Heath Ledger reinvent the classic character of Joker and get nominated for an Oscar really put The Dark Knight over the top. So when Director Christopher Nolan began work on Rises, the hype began in earnest. I would say that The Dark Knight Rises will be the highest grossing film of 2012, and it might, but take a look at what else we have coming.

    The Hobbit

    Yea. The Hobbit could become the biggest film of 2012. After all, it is the prequel to The Lord Of the Rings, which was the biggest thing in the history of man. Most of the major players are back for this, which will be broken into two movies. So look for it to be the major player of 2013 as well. For those who don’t know, The Hobbit will follow Bilbo Baggins on his own quest alluded to in LotR. With Oscar winner Peter Jackson at the helm, this is sure to be a blockbuster.


    It's entirely possible that this movie could be a bust as well as a boom. Currently, lots of rumors surround this Ridley Scott film. One rumor is that this is a loose Alien prequel. If this turns out to be true, and Scott is able to capture any of the old Alien magic, Prometheus could be big. After all, Scott has had huge movies in the past. Maybe this is the one to bring him back to form and show up at the box office in 2012.

    Django Unchained

    Quentin Tarantino returns in 2012 with his new movie Django Unchained about a former slave out to rescue his wife from a ruthless plantation owner. Tarantino has many big names to help him make big in 2012 including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Jamie Foxx to name just a few. With the success of his last movie, Inglourious Basterds, Quentin looks to continue to ride high. I for one, thing that Basterds was one of his top movies, and look forward to see what he can do with such an ensemble cast.

    Breaking Dawn Part 2

    There is nothing at all redeeming about these movies. They are trash, scum, garbage. Most sane people despise them and their minions of brain-washed junkie fans. But the fact remains; stupid girls and their ugly mothers will flock in droves to see this shit pile again and again and again. For that reason alone, this Twilight crap is a sure fire blockbuster in 2012. Prove us wrong and stay away.

    Anthony Silver is a film and entertainment blogger. He is also a huge fan of indie movies and other films created by students.