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    The PetsitUSA Blog

    Update on Iams pet food recall

    Posted: 28 Nov 2011 12:03 PM PST

    I spoke with Michelle, at Iams customer relations this morning and was told that Iams does not have any recalls. The information posted by Price Chopper concerned bags of Iams cat food and dog food that retailers were asked to remove from shelves. During aftermarket testing Iams discovered a small number of bags that did not meet their specifications. All of the bags went to retailers on the east coast and those retailers were asked to remove  the bags from their shelves.

    I also got the following email with the same information from Bev VanZant, Iams Community Manager:

    There has been no consumer recall and there is not a widespread aflatoxin issue with any of our foods.  We have been working this situation with the FDA and we are confident consumers can feed their pets Iams. There were a small number of bags that tested outside of specification limits and we have retrieved those products.  Price Chopper has also removed the information posted, as there is no consumer recall.

    Price Chopper removed the information from their website they have not posted anything to let consumers know what happened. I suspect Iams told them to take it down and not say anything about it. I think they did the right thing in posting it though. Pet owners need to know when there’s an issue with food that might affect their pets’ health. I haven’t seen anything from Iams either, other than the email I received from Bev.