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KHALeD Alenezi

    KHALeD Alenezi

    Conviction - 2010

    Posted: 22 Nov 2011 07:33 PM PST

    Directed by Tony Goldwyn A working mother puts herself through law school in an effort to represent her brother, who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and has exhausted his chances to appeal his conviction through public defenders.There are very few courtroom scenes, very few law school scenes, but it is filled with emotional connections between brother and sister as she visits him in

    Suicide Club - 2001

    Posted: 22 Nov 2011 02:33 PM PST

    Directed by Shion Sono54 high school girls throw themselves in front of a subway train. This appears to be only the beginning of a string of suicides around the country. Does the new all-girl group Desert have anything to do with it? Detective Kuroda tries to find the answer, which isn't as simple as one could hope.4/5

    A Night in the Show - 1915

    Posted: 22 Nov 2011 01:02 PM PST

    Directed by Charles Chaplin Mr. Pest tries several theatre seats before winding up in front in a fight with the conductor. He is thrown out...(plot), an interesting short film, and worth a look, you can see this film in youtube : here . 3,5/5