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    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Will Aston Flop with Two and a Half Men?

    Posted: 24 Nov 2011 09:31 AM PST

    Charlie Sheen is a tough act to follow. As a matter of fact, it’s likely you didn’t even read that sentence past the words “Charlie Sheen,” as it’s so easy to get lost in the examination (or morbid curiosity?) of that American treasure’s infamous “private” life. However, one man has decided that he is willing to step up to the plate and fill Charlie Sheen’s shoes by replacing his character on the show made famous by none other than Charlie Sheen: Two and a Half Men So who is this brave (and possibly crazy) soul? None other than Ashton Kutcher – America’s favorite cougar-lover, Don Juan, and breaker of cougar heart. It seems that Ashton’s private life may be just as fascinating as Charlie’s (okay, not quite), but in its own special way. So, is Ashton qualified to replace Charlie Sheen, or will Ashton flop with 2 ½ Men? Here are some thoughts:

    Season premier. The start of the season looked really good for Mr. Kutcher and company, garnishing almost twenty-nine million viewers – a record high for the television series. Only the previous year, with Charlie Sheen sitting at the helm , the show attracted only about sixteen million viewers for the season premier. From the get-go, it looked like Kutcher would be a shoe-in.

    The slump. In spite of the record breaking season premier episode, the ratings for Two and a Half Men have slowly declined after each episode. Just a month after the season’s first episode, viewer numbers have slipped to almost half of the original showing, at about seventeen million. However, producers remain confident that the slump will balance out (even if Kutcher seems a little worried), citing some serious competition with NBC’s showing of the NFL match in the same time slot.

    Today. Two and a Half Men remains to be the highest rated television series in America today, and Kutcher’s cast mates seem supportive and optimistic. Conchata Ferrell, who plays the tell-it-like-it-is housekeeper, has even been quoted as saying that Ashton Kutcher “came along and saved” the television series, which was in dire straits after its beloved warlock, Charlie Sheen, was fired.

    Will Ashton flop with Two and a Half Men? Only time will tell. But until then, it is sure to be an enjoyable topic of discussion. It seems that Charlie Sheen has left quite a legacy, and quite a huge gaping hole to fill . . . and everyone is lining up to see how this ship is going to either go down or stay afloat. Stay tuned.

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