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    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    Dead Island To Be Made into a Movie

    Posted: 06 Oct 2011 02:46 PM PDT

    Dead Island, the recently released zombie game is going to be made into a live action movie.

    Dead Island created quite a stir when it released a cinematic trailer that was very poignant and horrific in equal measures. It became a very popular trailer that was passed around the internet and shared in various social sites and made everyone who saw it anticipate the game with a lot of excitement. The game did not really offer the kind of emotional resonance the trailer promised (it was your basic action RPG albeit made extremely interesting because of the currently cool zombie milieu) even though it was well reviewed. But thank the wonders of a great trailer and clever marketing, Dead Island actually got offers from Hollywood even though the game wasn't even released yet. The eventual winner in the bidding war was Lionsgate.

    According to press statement released by the company, the Dead Island movie will be an "innovation" on the zombie genre as it will focus less on the horror and the gore and more on family relationships, human emotions and the harrowing experience of trying to survive in a world gone mad. The movie will reportedly employ non-linear storytelling – which may be a nod to the awesome trailer that played with the timeline of events.

    The Dead Island movie is reportedly already in development and a producer is already on board – Sean Daniel, who has worked on The Mummy, Dazed and Confused and Tombstone. No word yet on who the director will be or even who will be part of the cast. We can expect to hear more news about the film in the coming months.

    The direction Dead Island is taking is nothing new. Walking Dead, the hit TV series, is already mining that same formula. It will be interesting how the guys at Lionsgate will put a twist on their new property to make it fresh and interesting for film and zombie fans.