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    The PetsitUSA Blog

    Archie is recovering nicely from surgery

    Posted: 15 Sep 2011 04:05 PM PDT

    Archie, stylin' in his post-surgical attire

    Archie is still healing from surgery but he’s doing great. I’ve got him in a t-shirt and belly band to cover up the incisions until the staples come out. He turns into a little satellite when I go to bed or leave the house. But since I work at home and keep an eye on him, his eclectic daytime attire is a lot more comfortable.

    Anyway, Lydia and I took Archie to see the oncologist and things are looking good. The primary care vet got clean margins when she removed the tumor, which means there weren’t any cancer cells growing past a certain point on the tumor. Since that’s the case, the hope is that there’s no more cancer anywhere. This type of camcer, mast cell, can be unpredictable  though. So even though the vet thinks we have nothing to worry about, she had the tissue sent off to a second lab to do another test. She doesn’t expect to find anything, but I’d rather know for sure. I won’t hear anything back from that for a couple weeks.

    At this point the oncologist didn’t recommend any chemo or other treatment. Instead, I’ll just keep looking him over for any skin changes or tumors and get him in right away if I see anything suspicious. Other than that, he’ll see the vet every three months for an check-up including an ultrasound and x-ray. And hopefully every ultrasound and x-ray will be beautiful!

    Lydia’s doing great too, although she seemed a little confused by all the attention Archie got at HER place the other day. When the vet talked to him instead of her, she had to wedge her way into the conversation. Even though she had to share the attention with Archie, she was happy with the attention she could demand, and even got some cookies!