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Frankly My Dear...

    Frankly My Dear...

    Movie Preview: ‘One for the Money’

    Posted: 25 Sep 2011 04:32 AM PDT

    Here’s Katherine Heigl as a brunette as Janet Evanovich’s bail bondswoman Stephanie Plum in “One for the Money.”

    A madcap detective thriller-comedy? Heigl is box office, Might she finally have a vehicle that displays her to her best advantage? I laughed a couple of times.

    Colonial 6 reopen? Crowdsource this for me

    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 01:34 PM PDT

    I won’t be able to get over there until Sunday afternoon. But Fandango is listing films at the Colonial Promenade second run theater, which closed abruptly a few months back.

    And an eager reader says he’s seen other listings of their showings. Hey, we’re all looking for a bargain these days.

    But Touchstar’s website has no news, though the theater is still listed at Fandango under that name. Perhaps the mall got it opened under new management? Or Touchstar’s very lame website (I tried several times to get a response from them, by phone and by email, about possible re-opening) is running behind. I even ducked by the theater every time some reader claimed “It’s OPEN again!” only to find it gathering dust.

    Anybody been to the reopened theater who can verify it as back among the living?

    EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his REAL passion

    Posted: 24 Sep 2011 05:08 AM PDT

    Just to prove that yes, when I ask for reader questions from this actor or that filmmaker I’m interviewing, I do in fact ask them, here’s what I got out of Joseph Gordon-Levitt about his side project/passion project, There, he’s just “regularJoe,” and he’s always looking for new collaborators. And since I hadn’t heard about it before a reader suggested it, he filled me in.

    “I've been working on this project for a long time (five years),” Levitt says. “It's a collaborative art collective, if you will, and we make all sorts of things – short films, music and writing.

    “We just put out the first anthology of our work. Thousands and thousands of artists all over the world contributed to this thing. I'm so so proud of it. I directed a couple of things on there and it's great to see them come to fruition.”

    That collaboration is a 64 page book of writing and art, with DVD of short films and performance and music and (poetry, too?) CDs.

    “HitRECord – it's a play on words. It's Hit Record as well as hit re-Cord, on a camcorder. We call everything within in 'records.' We do all sorts of things – films, art, music, writing. Nowadays the boundaries are blurring between these forms of art. We don't need to make distinctions. It's all just 'records.'

    “It’s all about collaboration, making stuff together, remaking, remixing. Very creative thing and it’s probably what I’m most passionate about right now.”