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Frankly My Dear...

    Frankly My Dear...

    Britain’s ‘Postman Pat’ to become an animated 3D feature

    Posted: 18 Sep 2011 04:49 AM PDT

    The British Postman named Pat has been a fixture of children’s TV in the Uk since 1981 — 30 years. Now “Postman Pat” will be coming to the big screen.

    He has a black and white cat, makes his rounds, and…things happen. Very “Thomas the Tank Engine” meets “Wallace and Gromit.” Very young audience, I am guessing.

    Rupert Grint, David Tennant and Oscar winner Jim Broadbent will provide the voices. Will it be in stop motion animation, “Wallace & Gromit” style?

    The stills and snippets I’ve seen from it suggest that. Aardman or Aardman disciples involved?

    “Postman Pat: The Movie, You Know You’re the One” comes our way in 2013. Here’s the show’s theme song and credits.

    Valencia College co-production ‘Red Tide’ wins big at Hell’s Kitchen Film Fest

    Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:58 AM PDT

    Valencia College’s film program and Long Shot Pictures, LLC, a small film production company based in Orlando, produced "Red Tide," a drama set in Tarpon Springs, back in 2010. The producers describe it as a story of “the peaks and valleys of human nature, as reflected by the trials and tribulations of the sponge diving industry and the effects that red tide has on it…The film centers around the story of two brothers who are sons of an old Greek sponge fisherman.”  There’s a crime element to it, too.

    "Red Tide" just won best American narrative feature, and Orlando actor Josue Gutierrez won a jury prize for excellence in acting, at New York’s Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival.

    “We get a limited/temp theatrical distribution as part of the NYHKFF win,” director Dino Gallina told me. They’re still submitting the film to festivals, he says and he “could not have been more thrilled and humbled by the recognition.”

    Prescreen — another way to market indie films?

    Posted: 17 Sep 2011 07:40 AM PDT

    Prescreen is an online indie film viewing service startup company that did its starting up on Wednesday.

    Here’s what it does. They offer subscribers the chance to download and watch indie films — fictional features and documentaries — for $8 a download.

    But if you’re an early adapter, the first day you do the download, you can watch the movie for $4.  And if it turns out you were one of the first 5% to rent and watch the film, you get a free movie credit. So if you’re a subscriber (they email you a trailer to let you know a film’s being offered) who has time to watch something soon after it is offered, theoretically you could be watching a free movie or two a week.

    Indie filmmakers get to show their movies and make money off the showings, movie fans get a smorgasbord of indie film fare at low pay-per-view prices and Prescreen takes a cut.

    A guy from Groupon is behind it, and he told that he’d signed up 15,000 subscribers just this first week.

    Amusingly, the link to their website seems to be messed up at the moment.

    Movie Preview: ‘Sarah Palin, You Betcha!’

    Posted: 17 Sep 2011 07:03 AM PDT

    the trailer to Nick Broomfield’s Sarah Palin documentary, “You Betcha!”, sells the film as more a snarky Brit out of his depth in the snows of Alaska, trying to figure out Sarah Palin.

    But he certainly found lots of people in Alaska who have a radically different take on her from the adoring fans that turned up in the Sarah doc “The Undefeated” last summer. The film seems kind of pointless, now. She’s not running. Never was running. Just polishing her brand and selling books, TV shows, what have you. It’s the American way. Plenty of people are still buying. Just not enough to get her elected.

    ‘Lion King’ rules the weekend box office

    Posted: 17 Sep 2011 06:19 AM PDT

    Based on Friday’s big turnout, “The King King in 3D” will win the weekend box office race and rather handily at that.
    It is on a track to pull in $15 million, figures.

    “Contagion” lost over half its audience and will do in the $12 million range.

    “Drive” looks to do a decent but not exceptional $11 million. Ryan Gosling still isn’t box office bankable. Yet.

    “I Don’t Know How She Does It” looks to earn about $7.5 million, not awful. But it is a good reason for Sarah Jessica Parker to make noise about ANOTHER “Sex and the City” movie. There’s just not that much good material for her out there.  Hope she’s looking for another cable series, because that seems to be the best option for actresses who aren’t in that tiny top tier of being offered every good script.

    Movie Preview: ‘Senna,’ coming to the Enzian next week

    Posted: 17 Sep 2011 03:56 AM PDT

    This ESPN bio-documentary that Universal has put into limited release will open either Sept. 23 or Sept. 30 at the Enzian, Matthew Curtis tells me.

    “Senna” is about the soulful, outspoken Christian Brazilian Formula 1 change Ayrton Senna and his feud with the French champion Alain Prost, their battles in the 1990s on the racecourses of the world.

    Quite good for what it is. The local Brazilian community has been lobbying for it (Senna was a folk hero in his native land), I hear. And when you’ve got a locally owned art theater, you can talk them into something, every now and again.