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    Filmsy - Movie Reviews Blog

    September and Beyond! A Lineup of Awesome Movies

    Posted: 22 Sep 2011 05:15 AM PDT

    Vacations are over and now we have to find weekend entertainment to replace the beach and the barbecues. Luckily, Hollywood knows this and is always ready with a bold new lineup of films for the special month when we all start heading back to the movie theaters.

    There are some interesting new concepts, but of course, we always have to have the tried and true themes that producers and directors know will draw the crowds. Here is a partial list of the interesting lineup:


    Apollo 18:

    The story of Apollo 18 has always fascinated would be space travelers. Will we finally find out the secrets that the United States was never willing to reveal? Space travel and adventure tinged with some political intrigue.


    A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

    It's been done before, but wild nights at a beach house is a sure bet for audiences of a certain age and mindset.  If you've been working too hard at work or school, this may be the relaxation recipe you need. (Over 17, this is R rated.)

    Shark Night

    This movie is a little miss timed, since shark and other water monster movies are usually big hits for the summer, when we can really visualize the threat, but here we have Jaws, with all its watery terror, this time in the Gulf, off the coast of Louisiana.

    Bucky Larsen: Born to Be a Star

    Well, it's a novice premise, in any case. What is it like to be the child of a porn star? Follow in their footsteps, what else. Turns out to be a rocky road to stardom, with a lot of bumps in the road. Needless to say, R rated.


    An all star cast tries to help the Center for Disease Control stop an airborne virus from spreading throughout the world.  Called a "bio-threat thriller", Matt Dillon, Jude Law and Kate Winslet bring their considerable skills to Oscar winning Steven Soderbergh's excellent production.


    Well, every season has to have a good, down and dirty fight movie, so here it is. Nick Nolte stars as the son of a down and out former boxer who returns to his home town to save his father's reputation and prove himself.

    I Don't Know How She Does It

    Sarah Jessica Parker is no longer the Single Girl. Not only is she married, she is supermom, bringing home the bacon and practically raising the pigs to do it.

    Dolphin Tale

    The kids need a nice sweet hero saves the animal movie and this one fits the bill for a bittersweet story with a happy ending.

    Money Ball

    Can't have the season end without a baseball movie, can we? It is a complicated business, even if it just a game, so a little ingenuity and a lot of computer analysis are brought to bear to save the Oakland A's, despite their lack of financing.

    There is a sure fire hit for every weekend of the month, and for every age audience, so go out and enjoy the season.

    Cinema buffs have a lot to look forward to, as there are a lot of cool movies coming in September. This will be a good way to catch up with your long lost friends and schoolmates. And by doing a people search, it would be easier for you to get their contact details.