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    Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Movie Blog

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    041312: Opening This Weekend

    Posted: 13 Apr 2012 03:49 AM PDT

    Stooges, Cabins & Lockout’s

    Welcome to Friday and that means it’s time for a fresh crop of new movies to hit the big screen too! With that in mind there are three new flicks to possibly check out this weekend. One is a flashback to the old days of physical comedy with The Three Stooges. Then there’s the horror of a Cabin In The Woods and lastly – when it comes to new movies – an ex-government agent gets Locked Out.

    The teen bullying documentary Bully also expands to 55 markets with its new PG-13 rating.

    New On The Big Screen

    The Three Stooges – PG on 3,477 screens
    The iconic comedy trio tries to raise enough money to save the orphanage that raised them. In the process they inadvertently become involved in a murder plot. Sean Hayes, MADtv’s Will Sasso and The Kennedys actor Chris Diamantopoulos play Larry, Curly and Moe respectively.

    The Cabin in the Woods – Rated R 0n 2,811 screens
    Horror strikes when five friends visit a remote cabin in the woods. Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford star in the Joss Whedon-produced film.

    Lockout – PG-13 on 2,308 screens
    Guy Pearce is a falsely-convicted ex-government agent who attempts to secure his freedom by rescuing the President’s daughter from a prison in outer space.

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus