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    Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Movie Blog

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    021712: Opening This Weekend

    Posted: 17 Feb 2012 03:43 AM PST

    Sequels, Love & Secrets on the Big Screen

    Another Friday has arrived and that means it’s time once again for a new movie line up on the big screen. On the heels of Valentine’s Day one new movie expands onto more screens after an early opening. Other offerings this weekend – Nicolas Cage returns to the big screen as a comic book superhero of sorts and Disney gives us another animated movie to choose from too.

    New On The Big Screen

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – PG-13 on 3,174 screens
    Nicolas Cage returns as Marvel’s fiery vigilante in the follow-up to the 2007 Ghost Rider film. This time he’s approached by a church to save a young boy from the devil. If he completes the mission, his curse will be lifted. Idris Elba also stars in the sequel which is also screening in 3D.

    This Means War – PG-13 on 3,189 screens
    Two CIA operatives put their intelligence and skills to use as they fight over a woman – played by Reese Witherspoon. Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Chelsea Handler also star.

    The Secret World of Arrietty – Rated G on 1,522 screens
    The animated Disney film based on the children’s book series The Borrowers, follows a tiny 14 year old girl named Arrietty, who secretly lives in a home with her parents and strikes up a friendship with a 12 year old human boy. Bridget Mendler, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett and Carol Burnett lend their voices to the movie.

    Enjoy the show!
    Dr. Rus