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    020612: Weekend Box Office Results

    Posted: 06 Feb 2012 02:55 AM PST

    Box Office Over-Shadowed By Pigskin

    Monday has arrived and that means the weekend box office estimates have also arrived. Of course for many this was a big pigskin weekend instead of a big screen weekend. The dollar figures certainly reveal that fact too. Chronicle became a box office surprise as it debuted at the number one spot. The drama about a handful of teens who develop superpowers earned an estimated $22 million. The previous box office champ The Grey fell to the number three spot. The new Drew Barrymore flick – based on a true story about whales – premiered in the number four spot barely breaking the $8 million mark.

    Weekend Box Office With Estimates

    1. Chronicle – $22 million
    2. The Woman in Black – $21 million
    3. The Grey – $9.5 million
    4. Big Miracle – $8.5 million
    5. Underworld Awakening – $5.6 million
    6. One for the Money – $5.3 million
    7. Red Tails – $5 million
    8. The Descendants – $4.6 million
    9. Man on a Ledge – $4.5 million
    10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – $3.9 million

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus