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    020312: Opening This Weekend

    Posted: 03 Feb 2012 03:43 AM PST

    Super Bowl Weekend Means Poor New Movie Showing

    As move head first into another weekend this is no normal weekend. For football fans it’s the biggest weekend of the year. For non-football fans it’s a time to wonder why advertisers spend so much money on stupid commercials that are forgotten in a beer-hazed memory.

    Of course since many watch the Super Bowl, Hollywood tends to avoid this weekend for any kind of big movie releases.  While some movies opening this weekend are creeping to the 3,000 screen mark, non actually make it.

    New On The Big Screen This Weekend

    The Woman in Black – PG-13 on 2,855 screens
    In his first role since the final Harry Potter film was released last year, Daniel Radcliffe plays a widowed lawyer who discovers his client’s home in a remote village is haunted.

    Chronicle – PG-13 on 2,907 screens
    Three high school students develop superpowers after exploring a mysterious crater. But, their abilities change them for the worse. Dane DeHann, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan and Michael Kelly star.

    Big Miracle – PG on 2,128 screens
    Drew Barrymore is an environmentalist who, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, a reporter played by John Krasinski, tries to save gray whales that are trapped in ice in the Arctic Circle. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson also start in the film which was inspired by a true story.

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus