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    Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Movie Blog

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    012712: Opening This Weekend

    Posted: 27 Jan 2012 03:17 AM PST

    Slim Pickins’ For New Movies

    Can you say “Award Show Season”? As we find ourselves in the midst of another Award Show Season where the Hollywood insiders gather behind close doors and pat one another on the back, there are few movies worth mentioning on the big screen in the form of new releases. This weekend is no different as the pickins’ are once again slim.

    This weekend there are three new movie offerings…
    But should they be skipped?

    New On The Big Screen

    Man On A Ledge – PG-13 on 2,998 screens
    Sam Worthington plays a cop-turned-prison escapee who climbs onto the ledge of a New York skyscraper in an attempt to prove his innocence, though it appears he has another, mysterious motive. Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie and Ed Harris also star.

    The Grey – Rated R on 3,185 screens
    Liam Neeson stars as one of the survivors of a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness who struggle to survive.

    One For The Money – PG-13 on 2,737 screens
    Based on a series of best-selling books by author Janet Evanovich, Katherine Heigl fills the role of bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, who’s after a murder suspect she dated back in high school. Jason O’Mara, Daniel Sunjata, John Leguizamo and Sherri Shepherd also star.

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus