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    013012: Weekend Box Office

    Posted: 30 Jan 2012 03:26 AM PST

    Neeson Grabs Top Box Office Spot

    Another weekend has come and gone and as I mentioned on Friday’s preview of new movies, we’re in a slow time as the Hollywood entertainment industry really want to keep a low profile for strong movies. Since we’re in the midst of the award season, no one wants their possible block buster to be lost in the mix.

    As we found ourselves in a new weekend we find ourselves with another new box office champ too. This time around the Liam Neeson thriller The Grey bumped the preview box office champ out of that number one spot. But, even though it was number one, The Grey certainly didn’t break any records.

    Top 10 Box Office With Weekend Estimates

    1. The Grey – $20 million
    2. Underworld: Awakening – $12.5 million
    3. One for the Money – $11.8 million
    4. Red Tails – $10.4 million
    5. Man on a Ledge – $8.3 million
    6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – $7.1 million
    7. The Descendants – $6.6 million
    8. Contraband – $6.5 million
    9. Beauty and the Beast – $5.3 million
    10. Haywire – $4 million

    Enjoy the show!
    Dr. Rus