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    Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Movie Blog

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    101411: Opening This Weekend

    Posted: 14 Oct 2011 03:31 AM PDT

    It’s Remake Weekend!

    Possibly proving that there really is nothing new under the sun, we could call this remake weekend when it comes to debut movies on the big screen. I almost called it “Remake Heaven” but that may not be true. One remake did well the first time around but the second remake for the weekend was pretty much a bomb the first time around. As the battle of the remakes hits the big screen this weekend we will see in one corner the dancing moves from the flick Footloose. In the other corner, the Rated R remake of The Thing. (Can you believe they’re coming out The Thing again?)

    But, if you’re not into dancing or horror, then maybe you’ll pick the new comedy for the weekend, Steve Martin and The Big Year.

    New On The Big Screen

    Footloose – PG-13 on 3,549 screens
    In the remake of the 1984 film, newcomer Kenny Wormald fills Kevin Bacon’s old role of Ren who moves to a small town and rebels against a law that prohibits dancing. Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid also star.

    The Big Year – PG on 2,150 screens
    Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black play rivals in a contest to count more species of birds in North America than anyone else.

    The Thing – Rated R on 2,997 screens
    The prequel to the 1982 flick of the same name revives the vicious titular creature, which wreaks havoc on researchers on Antarctica.

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus