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    092611: Weekend Box Office Results

    Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:25 AM PDT

    Inflated Ticket Prices Make For #1 Box Office Movie

    Well color me surprised! I was pretty confident heading into the weekend that the new Brad Pitt movie Moneyball would grab the number one box office spot for the weekend. But – in those unforgettable words of Gomer Pyle – Surprise, surprise, surprise! Disney’s animated flick released in 3D The Lion King sits atop the box office list for the second week in a row. But a closer look reveals it took that spot by a very narrow version over the Oakland A’s story Moneyball.

    So, what really happened at the box office this weekend?

    The only reason Lion King is number one for the second week revolves around the fact that it costs more to see a 3D movie. Once again the numbers will be somewhat deceiving do to the fact that it costs more to see Lion King than it does to see Moneyball. Disney has definitely cashed in on the 3D craze with the wide release, but limited run, of a 20 year old movie.

    Weekend Box Office Results With Estimates

    1. The Lion King – $22.1 million
    2. Moneyball – $20.6 million
    3. Dolphin Tale – $20.3 million
    4. Abduction – $11.2 million
    5. Killer Elite – $9.5 million
    6. Contagion – $8.6 million
    7. Drive – $5.8 million
    8. The Help – $4.4 million
    9. Straw Dogs – $2.1 million
    10. I Don’t Know How She Does It – $2.05 million

    Enjoy the show!

    Dr. Rus